Unique Creative Designs

Piles & Piles of Scrap Metal Waiting For ME to Take It Home!


I also need to give credit where credit is due...

A special thanks to my husband Todd for his never ending  love, help and support, even on 2 hours of sleep a night.

My son Bryce for his love, support and help with loading, unloading and anything I ask of him without fail.   But best of all, my companion at the scrap yard and brainstorming ideas.

My daughter Liddy for her love, support and helping with all my shows, I couldn't have done it without her. Both physically and emotionally, she has been my "rock".

My sister Michelle for her love, encouraging me, for keeping me grounded and for showing me I can believe in myself.

My Mom for her love and support in all that I do.

And last but not least, Bobby Rad. Without his generosity and kind hearted nature, none of my art would have ever been realized. He has given me opportunities, that without them, I wouldn't have  been able to realize my dreams.

Lynn H.

Artist-Iron Maiden Metal Art

My metal art journey started one day when I was bringing in

aluminum cans to the scrap yard for the few cents I was going to

get for them. Standing and waiting for my turn to place my bag of

cans on the scale, I had a chance to look at my surroundings.

It was unbelievable the amount of iron that was in that yard. Piles and piles

of cars, trucks, busses, steel parts, drums, debris and on and on and on.

But in the midst of all that clutter were unique items, old farm equipment,

industrial steel made for a purpose but also with design and detail.

I looked around at all those unique pieces and couldn't believe that it was

all going to be crushed and cut up for....  I didn't know what?

That day I asked for permission to look at the piles of "junk". I was given a look of "really? for what reason?". I wanted to buy some of those unique things and take them home. After a lecture of yard "rules".  There were safety rules and general rules that consisted of,  "if I didn't adhere to the rules I wouldn't be allowed to come back" rules. I still thought it was worth it,  so I walked around in awe of what people throw out!

I have found one of a kind items from the late 1800's, early 1900's, industrial pieces, new steel, cut off pieces and a general array of iron pieces that have ended up as metal art, sculptures and yard art.

I have always been artistic, by the grace of God, my parents and my art teachers in high school. I have enjoyed drawing, painting, stained glass, wood carving, sewing, beading, scrap booking and pretty much any medium you can think of, but working with metal is something I have found I enjoy more than any other art I have work on.

So here I am.


Iron Maiden Metal Art